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Dragon Bridge, Vietnam
Dragon Bridge, Vietnam


Da Nang (population 752,493) is a major port city located in south-central Vietnam. As part of the city's master plan to construct a link for tourists between the local airport, beach and other attractions, Da Nang People's Committee (DNPC) recently undertook an ambitious $37 million project to construct a new bridge crossing the Han River. DNPC selected the Louis Berger Group and Ammann & Whitney (A&W) to provide designs of the bridge and roadways, as well as public plazas and squares on each side of the signature bridge.

dragon_pics.jpgThe Team first analyzed traffic demand, existing land use, alternate locations and likely funding sources. Preliminary designs were then prepared, including supporting narratives, cost estimates and drawings. The Team's unique designs integrated the bridge into the city, not the city into the bridge. Unlike a high-level bridge, where bridge abutments block and disrupt historic parts of a city, the design started and finished at street levels, allowing vehicles and pedestrian traffic to directly access the heart of the city. Following DNPC's approval, the Team prepared final designs.

Nicknamed the Dragon Bridge by the people of Da Nang for its resemblance to the mythical creature so highly revered in Vietnamese culture, the structure begins at the historic Cham Museum Square and spans the Han River before connecting with the coast. Construction of the bridge began in February 2008 on a fast-track basis.

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